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ABGSC hosted Intervacc CEO Andreas Andersson today
Shelf life of Strangvac antigens extended to 28 months
Planned sales start of Strangvac in March reiterated
EMA extends shelf life of Strangvac antigens to 28 months

We hosted Intervacc’s CEO Andreas Andersson during our Introduce Investor Day seminar today. Just prior to that, however, the company announced that the EMA has granted an extension of the shelf life of the antigens used in Strangvac. The extended shelf life confirms that the antigens are stable for 28 months following production, in addition to the 24 months shelf life of the finished vaccine doses that have been mixed with the adjuvant and packaged in vials. This is positive for Intervacc as it enables it to produce the antigens for Strangvac in larger batches and then produce the doses as needed, providing better flexibility and potentially lower production costs.

Less uncertainty – planned March sales start reiterated
During the presentation, Andersson confirmed that Intervacc expects to start selling Strangvac in March, which means it could be any day now. Strangvac was approved by the EMA under the MUMS-program (minor use, minor species), which comes with certain post authorisation commitments before launch. The extension (and confirmation) of the shelf life was one such commitment, hence that uncertainty is now gone. Andersson also commented that shortly after the launch in Sweden, EU commercial partner Dechra will launch Strangvac in Europe, “market by market”. The ongoing KOL discussions have reaffirmed the dosing regimen of two initial doses, followed by a potential booster after three months, and then annual or semi-annual boosters for ongoing protection.

Ready to address a high unmet need in Strangles
With the sales start now in a matter of days or weeks, Strangvac is set to start to address the high unmet need to reduce the severity of infections and the spread of strangles. The company will address the European market of six million horses,

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