The newly merged company aims for fast growth in the coming years.


[Helsinki, Finland] — Finnish shelter and safety companies Verona Shelters Oy, and Suomen Turvakauppa Oy merge with the Swiss industry leader Andair AG to create a market leading shelter and safety solution provider Verona Shelters Group (VSG).


The newly merged company will be targeting growth in Nordics, Middle East, India, and Europe. Growth is to be achieved through acquisitions and organically in the target markets by focusing on bringing CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear), blast protection and safety solutions for civil defence, industrial blast protection, and infrastructure resilience.


The group’s current turnover is approximately 25 million euros. VSG’s goal is to become the world's largest operator in the field as it aims to quadruple its revenue in the coming years.


The company has already made several breakthroughs, including supplying its solutions for various types of constructions for civil defence and NATO. The three companies combined have been involved in over 3500 projects globally, ranging from smaller civil shelters to providing blast protection for large nuclear power plants, such as in Olkiluoto 3 in Finland.


VSG's solutions cater to a diverse range of needs, from industries operating in volatile zones to homeowners in disaster-prone areas. With competitive pricing and a focus on value, as well as extensive know-how depth, VSG is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for safety solutions.


One of the keys to VSG’s early success relies on its founding team’s ability to provide need-based solutions, tailored for its customers’ requirements. Ilkka Kivisaari, CEO of VSG, envisions a breakthrough for global safety: "Combining the technological know-how of Finland and Switzerland, we will create something truly unique for clients worldwide."


Designed to withstand natural and man-made threats, VSG offers protective shelter solutions against blast (wave) impacts, earthquakes, tornadoes, biochemical attacks, and EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) disturbances. They range from private houses to large-capacity shelter solutions safeguarding over 10,000 people. VSG provides high-performance solutions, including Air Filtration Systems, Advanced Ventilation solutions, and Blast protective solutions for hardened facilities.


What sets VSG apart is the seamless integration of two distinct technological traditions: Swiss precision and Finnish robustness, shaping the future of safety.


Pascal Rapallino, Chairman of the VSG board, comments: “The synergies to be found in R&D & operations are remarkable. By joining forces, we will be able to serve clients globally with more insight and innovation. Also, we will focus on 360 service to our clients, by always finding the optimal solutions to their needs.”


Verona Shelters Group invites individuals, businesses, and governments to explore the future of safety and embark on our growth story together with us.


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Verona Shelters Group (VSG)

Ilkka Kivisaari, Chief Executive: +358 40 541 5200
Teemu Selin VP of Marketing and Business Development: +35840 574 9295
Pascal Rapallino Chairman of the Board: +352 661 451 102



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VSG is seriously looking for growth globally," says CEO Ilkka Kivisaari (second from the right at the top).