Pressmeddelande Pioneering the future of digital media in Scandinavia


Today marks the launch of, a new digital media company set to revolutionize Scandinavia's affiliate and e-commerce landscape. Founded by a trio of digital media enthusiasts and experts, the company aims to bridge the gap between businesses and consumers through innovative digital solutions.

Innovative digital solutions for Scandinavia

Searchsynergy is not just another digital media company. It is a visionary enterprise born out of wanting to enhance online interactions for businesses and consumers. By operating affiliate and e-commerce websites, The idea is to offer a unique platform for companies to expand their reach within the Scandinavian market, providing opportunities for growth and engagement.

A team of visionaries

At the helm of Searchsynergy is Steinar Hansen, who serves as CEO. With years of experience in the digital media sphere, Hansen's leadership is poised to guide the company toward new heights. Joining him are Geir-Erik Steen, the Marketing Director with a knack for creating compelling marketing strategies, and Jorunn Bjørnsen, the Social Media Manager, who brings a fresh perspective to the company's online presence.

Empowering businesses and consumers

Searchsynergy is committed to creating synergies between technology and people. The company's websites are created to empower businesses to reach their target audience more effectively while providing consumers access to products and services that meet their needs and interests in the best possible way.

A call to action for partners and collaborators

As Searchsynergy embarks on its journey, the company invites businesses, marketers, and creators to join them in exploring the possibilities of digital media. With a focus on collaboration and innovation, Searchsynergy is set to become a key player in Scandinavia's digital landscape.

About Searchsynergy

Searchsynergy is a digital media company specializing in affiliate and e-commerce websites, primarily in Scandinavian countries. The company, founded by digital media experts, aims to revolutionize how businesses and consumers connect online, fostering growth, engagement, and innovation.

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