Kiliaro is helping to redefine the internet


"Kiliaro cannot change the whole world. But we can make the Internet a better place," says the founder.


We are right in the middle of a critical time that will define our century.
We are currently refining our way of living, doing business and innovating.

Climate issues, mental illness, dictatorships are just some of the hot topics that the world is currently working on for a brighter future.

Humanity's latest great invention is the internet, which has given us wonderful opportunities. It has allowed us to get to know other cultures and freely discuss our differences, along with alternative solutions and ways of thinking.

Yet I regard the internet as a poisoned chalice. It gives us wonderful gifts but there are also terrible problems with the internet that we need to fix.

It’s sad that so much of the internet is overflowing with hate, fear, unrealistic representation of life and braindead useless content. And if future generations are not going to drown in this, it’s up to us now to develop alternative solutions that foster creativity and development.

We are all painfully too aware of how easily the younger generation can waste hours in the endless swiping of social media – and how exhausted their brains get from that. This is a dark reality for us humans, which in recent years has crept more and more into our everyday life.

We are in a time where we are looking to redefine the internet. Which is why I am passionate about our business idea, one that I feel actually does something good for humanity.

We designed Kiliaro to be a place where you have your own memories and your real friends, free from all that addictive noise and nonsense.

We do not deal with alternative energy solutions or space research, but I believe we are doing our part for a better future.

/Arian Bahrami 
CPO and Co-Founder of Kiliaro