Nanexa: PharmaShell patent granted by EPO – ABG

Covers manufacturing method and resulting products
Good timing with recent completion of new plant
Raises appeal of PharmaShell for potential partners

EPO grants patent for PharmaShell until 2033
Nanexa announced today that the European Patent Office (EPO) has granted the company’s patent application for the PharmaShell manufacturing method, as well as for the products that come from it. The patent comes slightly later than expected due to mandatory corrections in the text requested by the patent examiner. The patent, which gives protection until 2033, has also been granted in the US, Japan, China, and South Korea, and filed for Canada and India. The news come timely, with the company recently having communicated that the work on its new plant in Uppsala for scaling up the production process is now complete.

Broadening strong intellectual property
Nanexa has recently reported positive news from the patent litigation case against VitriVax in the US, in which the District Court denied VitriVax’s motion to dismiss Nanexa’s complaint for infringement in three of its patents. In our view, these developments speak to the strength of Nanexa’s intellectual property, now also expanded to Europe.

Positive for potential partnerships
With the PharmaShell patent now granted by the EPO, we believe that interest from potential partners could increase both for potential licensing agreements, as well as for the ongoing NEX-18 and NEX-20 programmes.

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