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Zlatan will Hold a Live Digital Press Conference with Fans for Launch of New Sportswear Brand A-Z.

In a live video, published on Zlatan Ibrahimović’s official Facebook page, Zlatan invites fans to take part in the launch of A-Z, a project he calls his biggest so far. At 5PM CET, on the 7th of June,  anyone can ask Zlatan questions by tuning in to the Facebook live stream of the event. A live stream will also be available at a-z.com where one can register to be notified of the big reveal.

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Publicerad 2016-06-03

”It will be hard. It will hurt. It will be painful.”

During the launch event the first ever line of A-Z sportswear will be premiered to the world, as will a film telling the story of the brand and manifesting its essence. Building up to the release, short teaser films will be leaked, showing snippets of the upcoming longer version. Today, June 3rd, 2016, three teaser videos have been made public. In one of the teasers one can hear Ibrahimović compellingly chanting: ”It will be hard. It will hurt. It will be painful. ”. The teasers can be viewed in Zlatan’s and A-Z’s social media channels. Tune in on Tuesday 5PM CET to get the full story and to ask your questions to Zlatan.

For press inquires please contact Borg & Lundell at: a-z@borglundell.se.

Follow A-Z: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

Behind the brand A-Z you find new company Varner Ibrahimovic.

Varner Ibrahimovic is the joint venture of Swedish football genius Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Petter Varner, head of the Norwegian clothing giant the Varner Group. History is full of chance meetings and unexpected partnerships that have enriched our world. Our goal is to make Varner Ibrahimovic one of them.


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