New Casino Site launches in UK to assure quality in new online casinos


The UK has seen a tremendous growth in online gaming over the last years, and especially with many new online casinos entering the market. For the consumers this means that there are plenty of options and great offers as the online casinos fight for their attention, but it also raises a lot of new questions.

“Are all of the casinos safe to play on? Do they really pay out what they promise? Who offers the best bonuses for the time being? It’s not always very clear what the casinos offer and not” says Anna Stenson, editor at New Casino Site (

The solution to the problem is to do manual testing. At New Casino Site the new online casinos are ranked based on a number of metrics. “We have a list of various factors that we check when reviewing a new casino. Some of these are for example how they deal with support messages, what their response times are, and how they handle payment requests. We also test the games themselves to assure that everything runs smooth. This way we can make sure that we only recommend the best possible casinos to our visitors for their specific needs” Anna Stenson continues.

By testing all new casino rooms manually, New Casino Site can assure that they are up to par with the expectations. “We have a number of factors that we test on the different casino sites, and we score them based on how well they pass our tests. That way the consumer can easily see which room we think is the best for the time being on the UK market. We also try the sites ourselves by sending support messages to see response times and handling, we do payments and request payments, try the response times on the games, and anything else that is required to get as good of an idea as possible of the different casinos” Anna Stenson says.

New Casino Site hopes to be a new and fresh approach to most other comparison sites on the market. There will also be other great resources available to the visitors, such as reviews, bonuses and free spins. “Our toplist consists only of casino reviews where we have played ourselves. There won’t be any promotions that we haven’t tried out, and we think this is what makes us different compared to other comparison sites out there. The rooms we promote have gone through thorough testing and we’ve tried all their processes to make sure everything runs smoothly, from bonuses to support.” Anna Stenson finishes.

New Casino Site will not only contain reviews of the different casino rooms, but also the games themselves, and the operators making them, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, etc.