ahaWorld re-launches the casino business. Moves to a new technology provider with license in Malta and UK


ahaWorld AB has since 2013 operated and promoted casino online with its brands, and During September this fall, ahaWorld will perform a re-launch of its casino business through a new technology provider and implement more content rich and modern design plus a better player experience. The company will in addition to this offer its portfolio through licenses in Malta and in UK. 

The existing platform has limited the operation both by functional and technical limitations in order to offer the customers a modern player experience. The new platform will deliver major advantages.

In parallel with the casino migration to the new platform with the new supplier, ahaWorld will consolidate the casino and bingo business in Malta, and in the same time prepare for an expansion and launch in UK with the added UK license in connection with the technology shift.

In addition to a new and stronger casino proposition, the casinos will offer an improved campaign support, loyalty programme, optimized and faster customer signup to Aha, plus multiply the number of payment solutions customized to the individual player.

Krister Bergström, CEO Ahaworld says:”In order to grow and expand fast, the casino really needs a face-lift, both in the frontend and in the technology. Our current organic growth is strong, but requires more recruitment costs per customer due to technical limitations. Re-launching our casinos enables a re-start with new marketing investments and improve our loyalty schemes. Simultaneously we can expand the casino business to Malta and accomplish cost efficiency while expanding into a still growing UK market. This is the first step of several to expand in UK and it is very close to also expand the bingo in UK. Our estimations is that UK will be launched during the late fall.

The re-launch of the casino business will take place during september 2017.

This information is such information as ahaWorld AB is required to publish under the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was provided by the contact person below for publication on July 7, 2017.