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Xhail Completes Shares Issues, Closes Acquisition and Registers New Name

30 July, 2020

Uppdaterad 2020-07-30
Publicerad 2020-07-30

Share Issues

Xhail AB (publ) (“Xhail” or the “Company”) (formerly known as IFOX Investments AB (publ)) has completed the right issue (the “Rights Issue”) at full subscription as well as a directed share issue (the “Directed Share Issue”), raising a total amount of SEK 28 616 874.00 by issuing a total of 238 473 950 shares at a price of SEK 0.12 per share.

The Rights Issue and the Directed Share Issue were registered at the Swedish Companies’ Registration Office (Sw: Bolagsverket) on July 21st 2020. The total number of shares in the Company after registration is 308 225 494 and the share capital is SEK 3 082 254.94. All shares are of the same kind. 

Acquisition Completion

Registration of the Rights Issue and the Directed Share Issue also completes the pre-requisites for completion of the previously communicated acquisition of 100% of the shares of the Irish company Score Music Interactive Ltd (“SMI”), which acquisition now is completed.

As part of completion of the acquisition, the Company will issue debt notes to an amount of SEK 218 341 557.96 and then convert said debt notes into 1 819 512 983 shares in the Company and issue to the former owners of SMI, who upon registration will become majority shareholders in the Company.  

New name

The Company upon registration of the Rights Issue and Directed Share Issue furthermore registered the Articles of Association 1, decided at the Extra General Meeting of Shareholders on May 13th 2020, meaning that the new name for the Company “Xhail AB (publ)” is now the registered name for the Company.   

The Board of Directors