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Nitro Games strengthening team in Live-Operations

Industry veteran Kenny Chan to join Nitro Games as a Senior Product Manager to strengthen the Live-Operations capabilities.

Uppdaterad 2019-11-22
Publicerad 2019-11-22

Nitro Games is strengthening its capabilities in Live-Operations, to support its strategy and the game release roadmap for 2020. Industry veteran Kenny Chan joins Nitro Games as a Senior Product Manager starting now in November 2019. Kenny brings in hands-on experience from live-operating free-to-play mobile games and operating games as a data driven service. Prior to joining Nitro Games Kenny has worked in several industry leading companies including Wargaming, Gumi and Ubisoft.

This recruitment follows Nitro Games strategy, where the company is now expanding its business towards live-operations. Other recent activities in strengthening the live-operations capabilities include hiring Senior Data Analyst Ahmad Patel (Blizzard) and Senior Producer Cale Lares (Critical Force), as well as appointing Jukka Hilvonen as the Performance Marketing Manager to support growing needs in managing user acquisition.