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Nitro Games signs Agreement with Netmarble EMEA

Nitro Games & Netmarble EMEA have signed an Agreement to introduce Heroes of Warland to Arabic and Turkish speaking audiences.

Uppdaterad 2019-07-29
Publicerad 2019-07-29

Nitro Games has signed a Game Distribution and Servicing Agreement with Netmarble EMEA, the regional office of Netmarble Games, a giant Korean games publisher and one of the fastest growing mobile gaming companies in the world today. The Agreement covers licensing of Nitro Games’ game ”Heroes of Warland” to Netmarble EMEA for publishing in Arabic and Turkish speaking countries.

Terms overview:

  •  Period: 3 years from Commercial Launch
  •  Service Fees: 500.000,00 EUR, paid in installments to Nitro Games, tied to launch progression
  •  Royalties: Net 35% to Nitro Games
  •  Territories: Turkey, Middle-East, and Africa
  •  Target launch: H2 2019, starting with soft-launch
  •  Platforms: iOS and Android

“Heroes of Warland has gone through a major overhaul during the first half of this year. We’re now proceeding to release this new version also with Netmarble EMEA, by introducing the game to Turkish and Arabic speaking audiences. The first step in the MEA region is a soft-launch that is starting soon.”, says Jussi Tähtinen, CEO & Co-Founder Nitro Games Plc.