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Husqvarna Group invests in US robotic lawn care franchise business

Husqvarna Group, today announced a venture investment in Mowbot, a start-up robotic lawn care franchise business providing US property owners with robotic lawn mower services to automate their lawn maintenance.

Uppdaterad 2019-06-05
Publicerad 2019-06-05

Mowbot was founded in 2017 and provides a franchise platform for robotic lawn care services for residential and commercial customers. Three quarters of Americans are living on properties with lawns, Mowbot addresses this market with low-noise, environmentally friendly, and highest-quality robotics-based services.

“Mowbot is leveraging their experience and success building national franchises to help entrepreneurs to develop robotic lawn care in the US”, said Alex de Courcy, VP North America Dealer and Distributor for Husqvarna Division. “Mowbot complements our existing sales and distribution channels in the US by increasing our coverage, bringing the best possible automation and lawn care to customers through the delivery and installation of our robotics”.

“Husqvarna Group is the world leader in outdoor robotics, and created the robotic lawn mower market two decades ago. We are proud to work together to scale our businesses in the US”, said Tony Hopp, CEO of Mowbot. “We will use the investment to expand our national network, and continue the acceleration of franchise sales.”

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