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Heroes of Warland universe expanding with a series of updates

Nitro Games revealed a new version of Heroes of Warland with a roadmap of updates for 2019.

Uppdaterad 2019-05-13
Publicerad 2019-05-13

Nitro Games announced that its latest game Heroes of Warland is going through a major overhaul. The new completely re-worked version of Heroes of Warland will be introduced as a series of updates, starting this summer and continuing throughout the year.

“We feel excited about this new direction with Heroes of Warland, and our revised roadmap of new features and content for 2019. We weren’t fully satisfied with the results we achieved during the initial launch at the end of 2018, and have since then worked hard to improve on those. Earlier this year we’ve seen positive results in terms of improved retention, monetization and low cost per install figures. However, to ensure that we can fully utilize the potential we’ve seen with the game, we felt the right move was to take our time and further develop the game to a new level through a complete overhaul of the game tech and features.”, says Jussi Tähtinen, CEO & Co-Founder of Nitro Games Oyj.

This new version of Heroes of Warland is a complete overhaul of the game, ranging from a new universe with stronger heroes, to new visual style, new maps, and interfaces, all powered by the new shooter engine in NG Platform that provides better performance and playability. The initial launch version of the game suffered from performance issues and this new version is expected to address those issues and to secure a strong base to build on with future updates. The new visual style expands the game universe to a more futuristic direction. This means more variety and fun in gameplay elements, maps, hero abilities, and customization. This is expected to expand the monetization potential of the game as well.

“Our new stronger team structure, combined with the streamlined lower cost base and the funding we recently received, makes it possible for us to continue supporting the game through a series of updates, introducing the new version of Heroes of Warland step by step. We are expecting the results from this major summer update during the third quarter of this year.”, concludes Jussi Tähtinen.