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Uppdaterad 2019-06-03
Publicerad 2019-06-03

Extel, the leading source of Pan-European opinions amongst the investment community today announced the results of the 46th annual Extel survey. Extel's research and rankings identifies recognition of value across the buy-side, sell-side and corporate communities.

Extel 2019 ran from 11th of March to 12th of April, collecting over 1.7 million votes in total. Over 3,200 fund managers, 270 brokerage firms and over 1,300 quoted companies worldwide, with a total of 14,400 + individuals took part.

“The acquisition of Extel by Institutional Investor in March 2018 has enabled strong collaboration between the two key pan-European survey firms for Extel 2019, bringing broader participation and improved efficiencies to the survey process. The high-level of interest by firms across the Equities Industry demonstrates the voracious appetite for an independent qualitative source of value. The twin challenges of regulatory change and reduced research budgets have focused the industry on identifying high-value market participants with whom to partner.” Commented David Enticknap, Head of Extel.

Selected Nordic Results

Best Brokerage Nordic Countries, Leading Brokerage Firm: 
1 (1) Carnegie Investment Bank
2 (2) DNB Markets
3 (4) Nordea Markets

Best Brokerage Nordic Countries, Country Research: 
1 (1) Carnegie Investment Bank
2 (2) DNB Markets
3 (5) Kepler Chevreaux

Best Analyst Nordic Countries, Country Research:
1 (1) Lars Topholm, Carnegie Investment Bank AB
1 (11) Martin Karlsen, DNB Markets
3 (22) Christer Magnegard, DNB Markets

Best Fund Management Firm, Nordic Countries: 
1 (1) Norges Bank Investment Management
2 (7) AP-1
3 (2) Nordea Investment Management

Best Fund Management Individual, Nordic Countries:
1 (6) Anders Jakobsson, AP-1
2 (1) Hans Lofgreen, AP-7
3 (3) Per Olofsson, AP-7 

See also attached PDF and www.extelsurveys.com for further information