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Blick Global Group nominerade och shortlistade i CFI.co award

Blick Global Group har mottagit information om att bolaget är kortlistat i kategorin ”Best iGaming Acquisition Team - Nordics 2020”. Enligt CFI.co är det totalt tre bolag kortlistade i kategorin och vinnaren presenteras i sommar.

Uppdaterad 2020-06-04
Publicerad 2020-06-04

Nedan följer information från CFI.co gällande nomineringen:


Nominee: Blick Global Group

Award: Best iGaming Acquisition Team – Nordics 2020

Awards criteria

The CFI.co award selection panel is using a wide range of criteria to help it reach informed decisions regarding the awards, lending the critical eye of a collective 170 years of business journalism, corporate leadership and academia to the exhaustive information gathered by the award body’s own research team. Some of the more important factors taken into consideration are as follows:

  • Demonstrated shareholder value creation
  • Growth in enterprise value
  • Customer value-added products & services
  • Innovations championed by management team
  • Strategic alliances, partnerships and supply chain management
  • Organic sales growth and/or M&A activity
  • Corporate governance
  • Quality and strength of nominations

About CFI.co

CFI.co provides insight into some of the more complex areas of international finance and development issues both in print and online, with a particular emphasis on identifying examples and drivers of economic convergence. By combining our journalistic experience with reports from influential organisations, CFI.co delivers its 152,000 readers and subscribers a unique mix of views and opinions. 

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